Anonymous said: i mean i know people died and got injured and everything but its all over my dash and its annoying. like its over with you know? and i guess there was some interview with jen about indiana for the first time and evryone is freaking out cause she was trying not to cry its just stupid

I’d suggest unfollowing a few people if you find it annoying. People come on tumblr to express their feelings, and I think they should be able to do that as much as they like for as long as they’d like. People dying isn’t annoying, it’s heart-breaking. Jennifer could have died that night, too. Of course she’d be sad. People that were there to see her band died, and that’s not just something you get over even in a few months. I don’t know. 

  1. heartbeatswideopen said: Wtf is your problem anon how are you so completely insensitive. I don’t usually yell at people but COME ON you’re just stupid not Sugarland or the fans or Indiana oh my god
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